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3M Filtek Z350 XT general nano resin


   On August 11, 2016, the 18th China (Qingdao) International Dental  Equipment Exhibition and Academic Exchange Conference was grandly opened  in Shandong Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center.  Watson Yutong Oral Care Products shine at the exhibition, attracting  many eyes.
It is understood that this exhibition brings together the major brands  at home and abroad exhibitors, the exhibition area of 30,000 square  meters, well-known domestic and foreign oral industry experts, as well  as Shandong Province, attended by private oral Association, witnessed  the common.
In  the exhibition area, the summer heat can not withstand the suppression  of the brand and the enthusiasm of the exhibitors, from the United  States, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and mainland China more than 300  dental equipment manufacturers, tens of thousands of brand products  exhibitors, 20,000 spectators Visit, the scene is spectacular. In particular, the brand Wahaha more area, Wah Yuet more toothpaste and mouthwash by everyone's warm welcome. Huawu  Yuchuang Oral Care Products, Radical on Huasu Tablets, the innovative  application of international repair formula, specifically for oral care,  to accelerate wound healing and promote cell growth, tens of millions  of dentists use after praise, voluntary brand ambassador .
Huasu Yutan products contain SAS mucosa repair components, extracted from the European mother Ju, a "doctor of plants," said. It  has the function of repairing mucosa and promoting cell growth. It is  widely used in Europe and Japan to prevent and improve the problems of  oral mucosa and periodontitis. It is safe and efficient. This crystal blue-violet color comes from pure natural plant extracts, without any pigment.


       Relevant  responsible person said, Qingdao oral exhibition is an event in the oral  world, oral doctors have to learn new technologies, to find the right  suppliers, for enterprises, it is a display of brand image, a great  opportunity to get to know partners. Through this  exhibition, more people understand and recognized the Huasu Yutong in  the field of oral care after the important position, to come to  consultation, negotiation, ordering people flocked to the present,  leaving the customer contact to write A few pages  of paper, has been with a number of oral professional bodies reached a  cooperation intention, which is a good product of hard power. The  future, Watson will create a comprehensive all-out into the city of  Shandong Province, and constantly bring good products and services to  more consumers.